Assessing the 2014 Midterm Elections

  • Redistricting favored Republicans. We saw the results of this throughout the State in the Executive Council, State House and State Senate.
  • While we were fortunate enough to keep our US Senator, Jeanne Shaheen, and our Governor, Maggie Hassan, the Republicans won the Executive Council, the State House and State Senate.
  • The last time (2010) the Republicans held control of our State Legislature, NH was a national laughingstock here, here and here.
  • Some of what is at stake is the Affordable Care Act, which has been very successful in NH, Medicaid expansion and marriage equality,
  • There is no question that now is the time to rally together, become informed about local and national issues and stay involved. Our way of life and our children’s lives are on the line.
The Strafford County Democratic Committee uses all donations very thoughtfully. We support candidates who are running for office, but also educate voters about issues that are relevant so that we have informed voters in Strafford County. We are all-volunteer and spend no money on salaries or office space. Consider donating to us so that we can help voters understand the facts about candidates and legislation.
The Strafford County Democratic Committee is always looking for volunteers to help longer term on committees and strategy or shorter term on campaigns or just with an event. We have a lot going on and are always looking for new people to get involved. We also encourage you to work with your town committee to help elect Democratic candidates.

Our Amazing Democrats in Strafford County

  • David Watters was just elected to his second term in District 4 as State Senator.
  • We are happy to have Martha Fuller Clark represent us in Senate District 21 again.
  • Colin Van Ostern is still working hard as our Executive Councilor in District 2.
  • NH is lucky to have Chris Pappas as our Executive Councilor in District 4.

Elected Officials

The Amazing Work That We Do

  • Work with local Chairs to recruit and train candidates
  • Coordinate fundraisers and special events like our annual summer picnic
  • Send out election year mailers to highlight our candidates and GOTV
  • Work county-wide to elect Democrats up and down the ticket
  • Use social media and the Internet to help local committees advertise events and meetings